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Rare VINYL Worldmusic Longplays

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Brasil 68.002

Sebastiao Tapajos, Joel Nascimento a.o.

Aquarelas Do Brasil

68.003* Milton Nascimento Noticias do Brasil
68.007* Sebastiao Tapajos, Djalma Correa, Pedro Santos Xingu
68.011* Martinho da Vila Meu Samba Feliz (compilation)
68.045* Sebastiao Tapajos Brasilidade
Argentina 68.006 Mercedes Sosa Live In Argentina Vol. 2
68.012 Mercedes Sosa Todavia Cantamos
68.024 Mercedes Sosa Vivir
68.055 Mercedes Sosa De Mi
68.013 Sosa/ Nascimento/ Gieco Corazon Americano
68.029 Leon Gieco Solo Le Pido a Dios
68.036 Mercedes Sosa Live In Europe
68.004* Astor Piazzolla Libertango
68.042* Astor Piazzolla Lumiere
68.043* Astor Piazzolla Persecuta
68.046* Astor Piazzolla Biyuya
Chile 68.034* V.A. Novedades De Chile
New Age
/ China
68.020* David M.Liang Dialogue With The Ocean
68.027 Monks Zhihua Temple Beijing Ceremonial Music
68.028* David M.Liang Dream Of The Butterfly
Caribbean 68.021 Arrow Arrow
68.022 The Mighty Sparrow The Mighty Sparrow
68.023 Explainer Explainer
68.040* V.A. Pantastic World Of Steelmusic Vol.1 - Calypso/Soca
68.041* V.A. Pantastic World Of Steelmusic Vol.2 - Classic
68.037* V.A. Afromania Caribe
Worldmusic Europe 68.010 Die Elefanten Nervous City  
68.026 Die Elefanten Immeralleimmerich  
USA 69.014* V.A. This Is The Funk  
Africa 68.044 David Hewitt An African Tapestry