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North America / USA

Ilene Barnes

Yesterday Comes is the new album from the american Singer-Songwirter Ilene Barnes, produced by Jimmy Hoyson (Ben Harper, Green Day)

Latin America / Argentina

Léon Gieco

Argentinian folk-rock poet: Mensajes Del Alma, Desenchufado

Atahualpa Yupanqui

Great guitarist, singer and poet from Argentina: Don Ata

Astor Piazzolla

Opening a new area in Tango music: Libertango, Lumière, Persecuta & Biyuya

Astor Piazzolla / Gerry Mulligan

Reissue of the recording from 1974 - the legendary meeting of Gerry Mulligan and Astor Piazzolla: Summit


Latin America / Brazil

Brasileirinho - Choro in Rio / Original Soundtrack

The Original Soundtrack of the documentary movie "Brasileirinho - Choro in Rio” directed by Mika Kaurismäki presenting on 19 tracks the great brazilian masters of choro music.

Capoeira Mata Um

In the beginning, it was the idea of many to make a recording of the music of the Capoeira with a choice of excellent musicians under optimal studio conditions. Particular focus was to be taken of the tone-rich Berimbaus, each one fulfilling a particular musical function, together with the percussion instruments. Included in this project were to be the songs like the Ladainhas and the Quadras: Capoeira Mata Um!


A unique edition of 23 songs recorded by Cartola, the Divine Cartola - co-founder of Mangueira, poet, sambista, a central figure of the Samba in Rio who died in 1980. Edited and with detailed biography by Claus Schreiner. Digitally remastered. Cartola was one of the most inspiring samba composers and artists of all times in Rio de Janeiro. His life is identical to the history of urban popmusic of Rio de Janeiro in the 20th century: Divino Samba

Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento is probably one of the best known brazilian artists worldwide: Noticias Do Brasil

Gonzaguinha (Luiz Gonzaga jr.)

He was one of the most important singer/songwriters of modern MPB (Musica Populeira Brasileira): Luizinho De Gonzaga

Martinho Da Vila
Brazils sambista No. 1: Meu Samba Feliz

João Bosco
gained reputation with his special mixture of afro-brazilian, African and jazz-like phrasing: Coraçao Tropical, Afrocanto

Baden Powell & Trio
He became famous with his unique virtuosity between Bossa Nova, Afro Samba and Jazz: The Frankfurt Opera Concert 1975

Sebastião Tapajós

Sebastião Tapajós is one of the leading guitarrists of Latin America, very versatile: classic, pop and the in-between area called música erudita in Brazil: SantaRio, Affinities, Sambas & Bossas, Xingú Guitar and Percussion, Brasilidade

Various Artists - Conspiração Baiana
Up-to-date Bahian Pop music, Sambareggae, Sambaduro, Afoxé, Fusions with Rock, Caribbean and Jazz - the full power of Bahian creativity.

Raimundo Sodre

Raimundo Sodre's CD Real features popmusic from Bahia with various roots in Afrobahian music, especially the Chula.

Forró, Frevo and other nordestinian rhythms, played on the Sanfonalaccordeon with different line-ups: Norte Forte


Latin America / Chile

Various Artists - Novedades De Chile
Sampler presenting pop bands that supported the anti-Pinochet motion in Chile for the first time. From progressive music of the Andes (Huara) to anarchistic fusion rock (Fulano)

Ernesto Cavour
Internationally well-known virtuoso of the charango (sort of miniatur lute/guitar): El Vuelo Del Picaflor


Latin America / Mexico

Chavela Vargas

The 78 year old mexican legend interpreting the real blues of Spain: Chavela Vargas, Dos


Latin America / Puerto Rico

Humberto Ramirez
Latin Jazz from Puerto Rico: Paradise


Latin America / Colombia

Francisco Zumaqué
introduces the caribbean sound the 90s with this pan-caribbean delight for dancing and listening, arranged in a masterly way: Cumbialma, Baila, Caribe, Baila, Voces Caribes, Rituales - The Afro-Amerindian Suite


Latin America / Venezuela

Cheo Hurtado

Famous cuatro-virtuoso Cheo Hurtado, known among others as member of Gurrufio ensemble - plays with the four best Venezolan Harpists: Cuatro arpas y un Cuatro



Grupo Marney - Bachata de Amor
Bachata is the trendy dance-beat in all latin discotheques this year. Coming originally from the Dominican Republic like the Merengue, this dance moves your hips, but in a softer way than the Merengue. Erotic hip-swings, made for romantic dancers.

Various Artists - Afromania Caribe
Up-to-date rhythms from the Caribbean: Merengue, Soca, Son Caribe, Terapia ... the best productions from Venezuela, Colombia, Montserrat and the Dominican Republic


Caribbean / Puerto Rico

Pedro Guzmán
A swinging mixture of Puetorican Jibaro music: Jíbaro Jazz


Caribbean / Trinidad

Various Artists - Trinidad Hot Times
Sounds and beats of the 90s: Calypso, Soca, Rapso, Ragga, Chutney, Kaiso

Various Artists - Soca Explosion
Soca is the contemporary version of Calypso - influenced by Merengue, Northamerican Soul, Funk and Disco sound


Caribbean / Steelmusic

Away from carnival and tourism, PANmusic has developed to a high artistic standard. Orchestras with 40-60 members certify what virtuosity and extraordinary sounds they can create. Live from the World Steelband Festival '88, the best steel bands of the world.

Various Artists - Phantastic World Of Steelmusic Vol. 1 - Classic In Steel
Various Artists - Phantastic World Of Steelmusic Vol. 2 - Calypso & Soca

Recorded live in October 1992 at the great steelband contest PAN is BEAUTIFUL in Trinidad:

Various Artists - Pan Is Beautiful - The World's Best Steelmusic Vol. 1 - Calypso & Soca
Various Artists - Pan Is Beautiful - The World's Best Steelmusic Vol. 2 - Classic


Caribbian / Cuba

Madera Limpia - Paraiso
The DVD Release of the movie „Paraiso“ which won several prizes all over the world.

Pablo Milanés
Most famous singer/songwriter from Cuba with an album of his most beautiful ballads, love songs and some salsa titles: Antología


Caribbean / Bavaria

El Reto
Caribbean Music „made in Germany“ but with the special taste of german lyrics that mingle together with hot rhythms of caribbean music: Salsa Bavaria


Caribbean / Haiti

Eval Manigat & TCHAKA
Hot & spicy Haitian worldbeat from Canada-European debut-album compiled from Africa+ and the recent album Râ Rock: Créolié

Boukman Eksperyans
Regarded as the most acclaimed representation of the Mizik Rasin scene of Haiti, Boukman Esperyans presents its 4th album, recorded at the Fugees studios in New Jersey: „Revolisyon - Revolution!“

Various Artists - Bouyon Rasin - First International Haitian Roots Festival
In the summer of 1995 after the dictatorship of the Duvaliers and the end of the military regime that had followed Aristide, this festival took place in Port-au-Prince.

Rara Machine
Most recent album of this famous Haitian Band: Groove Racine


Caribbean / Seychelles

Various Artists - Nouvelles Seychelles
The best artists and songs from Seychelles


Brazil / Africa

Various Artists - Afrolusamerica
Popmusic from Lusophone Africa & Brasil presenting music fromAngola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Brasil, São Tome and Mozambique


Africa / Angola

Vum Vum Kamusasadi

Rhythmic pop music of strong poetry from Angola. Debut of the50 year old Angolan musician Vum Vum Kamusasadi: Muzangola


Africa / Cameroon

Sally Nyolo
Former Zap-Mama soloist Sally Nyolo from Cameroon.
Tribu - Sallys 1996 Debut album. Highly acclaimed, best critics, leading position in the World Music Charts of EBU. Prix Découverte' by Radio France International

Coco Mbassi
This is Coco Mbassis' first solo album. Her suave, refined and finely multi-nuanced voice with a unique vocal tone, highlighted by her nostalgic and nonetheless stirring music, takes the listener on a special trip, a prayer for the world: Sepia


Africa / Cape Verde

Cesaria Evora

Cesaria Evora is the star of world music from the Cape Verde Islands. The barefooted African diva, the queen of Mornas and Coladeras:

Cesaria Evora on DVD:
Cesaria Evora - Live D'Amor (DVD 68345)
Cesaria Evora - Live in Paris 2001 (DVD 6230986)

Cesaria Evora on CD:
Cesaria Evora - Rogamar (CD 67880)
Cesaria Evora - Voz d'Amor (CD 68831)
Cesaria Evora - Café Atlantico (CD 68805)
The Best Of Cesaria Evora (CD 68999)
Cesaria Evora - Cabo Verde (CD 68986)
Cesaria Evora - Cesaria (CD 68973)
Cesaria Evora - Anthology (CD 5633098)
Cesaria Evora - Anthologie. Mornas & Coladeras (CD 68837)
Cesaria Evora - Miss Perfumado (CD 68835)
Cesaria Evora . Mar Azul (CD 68834)
Cesaria Evora - Distino De Bellita (CD 68833)
Cesaria Evora - La Dive Aux Pieds Nus (CD 68832)
Cesaria Evora - Sao Vicente De Longe (CD 91688362)
Club Sodade - Cesaria Evora Remixed (CD 68846)

Teofilo Chantre

The new star from the Cape Verde Islands: Rodatempo, Azulando

Various Artists - The Soul Of Cape Verde
Selection of some of the most beautiful Mornas & Coladeiras with Cesaria Evora, Bana, Voz de Cabo Verde a.o.

Various Artists - The Spirit Of Cape Verde
New fine selection of best songs & artists of Cape Verde with Cesaria Evora, Ildo Lobo, Tito Paris a.o.


Africa / Nigeria

Femi Kuti, the son of the legendary Fela Kuti, live with his band 'The Positive Force' at the Shrine Club in Lagos:

CD Femi Kuti - Africa Shrine

DVD Femi Kuti - Live at he Shrine


Africa / Morocco

Houssaine Kili
Former Dissidenten Leadsinger El Houssaine Kili debuts with a great album which connects Gnawa Music from Morocco with European Popmusic in a superb way. Scent disc with original Safran scent on CD!


Mountain To Mohamed

Sawt El Atlas
A young band from France mixing moroccon roots music and western pop to a fascinating blend that hit the charts in France in the summer 2000: Donia


Africa / Mozambique

Stewart Sukuma
A new voice from Mozambique / Africa in a confident, modern, panafrican musical spirit. Guest musicians are Hugh Masekela a.o.: Afrikiti


Africa / South Africa

Sam Tshabalala

Sam Tshabalala - Meadowlands: The new studiorecording from the Southafrican songwriter - acoustic, direct and very southafrican


Europe / Germany

Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett

Nektar presents: For the first time on CD Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett - Folk Mond & Flower Dream.

Duo Diagonal

The debut-album Tango 040 of the two Tango-Masters Jaenicke and Siegloch (Duo Diagonal) - an acoustic feast for violin and accordeon.

Sebastian Schunke

A new star in Latin Jazzbrings his CDs Mouvement and Symbiosis.

Michael Sagmeister with Dave Samuels

The wellknown vibes-player Dave Samuels and the german jazz-guitarist Michael Sagmeister for the first time as a duo on CD: Dualism

Esther Ofarim

After more than 20 years a new album from Esther Ofarim together with the NDR Pops Orchestra under the direction of Peter Herbolzheimer: Esther Ofarim - Back On Stage



Europe / Spain

Mayte Martin

The new Bolero-Album by Mayte Martin with classics as "Veinte Años" and "Toda un Vida", including two duets with Omara Portuondo: Tiempo de Amar
Flamenco Songs full of new intensity and soul. 'Best Flamenco Album' at the Latin Grammy Awards 2001: Mayte Martin - Querencia


Europe / Portugal


Drama Box is the new studio recording from Misia - the great Portuguese diva. Special guests on the CD: Ute Lemper, Maria de Medeiros, Fanny Ardant, Carmen Maura, Miranda Richardson

Amelia Muge

Terms like "New Fado" and "Fado Fusion" and the never ending discussion about the legal successor of the Queen of Fado Amalia Rodrigues dominate the reception of Portuguese music outside of Portugal, mostly if it is about a female vocalist. Amélia Muge moves beyond these definitions of stiles creating as a singer and as a composer her very personal Portuguese music: A Monte

Rão Kyao

This CD contains a compilation of his recordings from 1985/87 and '89 presenting Rão Kyao exclusively on bamboo flute: Flautas Da Terra


Europe / Canarias

Pop music of the Canary Islands has influences of Latinamerican Música Popular, which has returned to the Canarias with Salsa, Merengue, or Nuevas Canciones merging in Tenerife or other islands withCanarian Isa Canaria or Tajaraste.

Los Sabandeños

Los Sabandeños are so famous on the Canary Islands, that already seven lanes and streets on the seven islands bear the name of the bandCanarian heroes of of modern folk music: Atlantida


In 1493, La Palma was finally conquered by the Spanish Crown on Santa Cruz holiday (May 3). 501 years later, a band called Taburiente is celebrating their 20 years' jubilee in Santa Cruz de La Palma. A very impressive folk-rock group from La Palma: A Tierra


Europe / Greece / Turkey

Mikis Theodorakis

Mikis Theodorakis celebrated his 70th birthday in July 1995. In May he was touring Germany accompanied by singer Maria Farantouri, Bouzouki - star Lakis Karnezis and his band. Theodorakis sings some of his most poular songs, some of them never recorded before by himself: The Birthday Concert '95 feat. Maria Farantouri

Another Compilation to his 75th birthday followed. This time we invited his musical friends like Maria Farantouri, Jocelyn B. Smith and others to sing his songs. Additionally we threw in 3 unpublished songs from his project with Zülfü Livaneli: Happy Birthday, Mikis!

Mikis Theodorakis & Zülfü Livanelli

The legendary icons of Greek and Turkish Music singing live together setting a sign of friendship and understanding. Live Recording May 1997 in Berlin: Together!

George Dalaras

George Dalaras is a greek megastar who reactivated the Anatolian-Greek music of Rembetiko and combines oriental-mediterranian music with afro-latin rhythms and Northamerican jazzrock with perfection, his albums:

Maria Farantouri

Greek's most competent singer of contemporary popmusic, Maria Farantouri proves with this election of recordings and her impressive voice that languages, cultures or time can set no limit to her musical quality and artistry. 17 international songs in their original languages, guests: Mercedes Sosa, Dionyssis Savopoulos: 17 Songs


Europe / Macedonia

Ferus Mustafov 4
Gypsy Sound at its best: The great Ferus Mustafov together with the even great accordeon-player Milan Zavkov Ferus Mustafov 4 - at its best, hottest, wildest, sweetest: The Heat of Balkan Gypsy Soul


Europe / Israel

A wonderful new voice from Israel with sephardic songs: Herencia


Asia / Japan

An Chang Project
New Vocal Harmonies from Okinawa and the Pacific: The AnChang Project combines melodies from Okinawa with songs from the pacific islands of Kiribati, and offer a unique sound beyond traditional asian soundscapes: Monkey Harmonizing Songs

Cicala Mvta
The Return of Japanese Street Music, played by Wataru Okhuma and his Band Cicala Mvta: multicultural with Nepalese, Turkish, Klezmer and Jazz-Punk elements:
Ching Dong
Deko Boko

Jun Miyake
In Japan Jun Miyake is a star. This is his first album in Europe. The tantric soundscapes of Mondo Erotica ! are like an acoustic 50 minutes commercial for sensuality and eros.

New York - Rio - Tokyo. Jun Miyake presents his view on Bossa Nova - together with Arto Lindsay and Vinicius Cantuaria: Innocent Bossa In The Mirror

The third part of the trilogy Erotica-Bossa-Exotica. Jun Miyake explores the genre of Exotica: Glam Exotica !

David Minguye Liang
Profesor of musical ethbnology in Baltimore. Born in Beijing, he came to the U.S. via Fomosa and Hawaii. His compositions are a combination of traditional Chinese music with music of the Western world, using Chinese instruments mainly but synthesizers and saxophones etc. as well: Dialogue With The Ocean, Dream Of The Butterfly


Asia / Philippines

Decades after the world hit of Freddy Aguilar the Philippines come back to the western world of pop with Pinikpikan. Traditional rhythms and sounds of the filipino islands melt with western pop- and rockgrooves: Atas



SongLine is perhaps the most interesting and startling mix of music cultures to emerge from "down-under". The group embraces the rich vocal and musical traditions of diverse peoples, among which are the aboriginal people of indigenous Australia, the Mediterranean, Scotland, India and Asia: Desert Rainbow



Songbooks / Sheet Music / Música Popular Brasileira

Claus Schreiner
Música Popular Brasileira
Handbook of folkloristic and popular music of Brazil. 3rd updated and revised edition 1985
365 p., over 100 photos, Musical examples, songs and lyrics, Paperback, German language, ISBN 3-924777-004

The first standard book on MPB from the beginning until today, with special attention on pop music of the cities since 1870 and the contemporary varieties derived thereof. Detailed description of MPB since 1957. Biographic side informations. Literary agenda, list of recordings.

Música Brasileira
A History of Popular Music and the people of Brazil by Claus Schreiner.

English edition of Música Popular Brasileira, updated and completed in 1993. Published by Marion Boyars, London-New York 306 p., Hardcover - Translated by Mark Weinstein
ISBN 07145-2946-X

Canta Brasil Vol. 4 - Brasilien Classics
80 p., Kart., informations in German, piano edition, lyrics in original language.

48 compositions (1930-1973) of leading composers of Música Popular Brasileira: Marcha, Polka, Maxixe, Samba Enredo, Baião, Bossa Nova, Forró, Rancheira, Toada, Cancoes...

Edu Lobo
Composer of many a hit such as „Upa Neguinho“. musician and singer from Brazil.

Songbook Vol. 1
Songbook Vol. 2

Sebastião Tapajós

Sebastião Tapajós was baptised with Amazon water. And it was on the Amazon that he came to the world. We published the following CDs by this amazing Guitarrist:

CD SantaRio (68.802)
CD Affinities (68.984)
CD Xingu - Guitar & Percussion (68.907)
CD Sambas & Bossas (68.930)
CD Brasilidade (68.945)

Tropical Music also published 3 music books of this famous Guitarist of Brazil. Rhythmic introductions, finger manuals have been added by Bernd Stahl. Guitarra Do Brasil editions are probably the bestselling guitar notes from Brazil so far:

Guitarra Do Brasil Vol. 2
Guitarra Do Brasil Vol. 3

Luiz Bonfa
Guitarist and composer from Brazil. The compositions of this edition originated in 1955-63, when Bonfa wrote such international hits like 'Manha de Carnaval' or 'Samba do Orfeu'. Piano edition, lyrics in original language.

Bossa Bonfa - 14 compositions

Mauricio Einhorn
20 titles of the musician (harmonica) and composer (Batida Differente, a.o.) from Rio de Janeiro. Mostly Bossa-type music.

New Compositions

Waldir Azevedo
A music book with 16 compositions of the musician (Cavaquinho) and composer (Amorada = Brasileirinho, Delicado a.o.). Mostly choro-type music.

The Music Of Waldir Azevedo

Almir Chediak
Bossa Nova Vol. 1-5
Each Vol. has 150-170 pages - best and most famous Bossa Novas plus a real exciting documentation on the Bossa Nova time. Rare fotos. A unique edition!

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Batucadas do Samba
Excellent instruction by Marcelo Salazar how to play the various percussion instruments of batucada do samba. In 5 languages (Port.-Engl.-Fr.- Ital.-Jap.). Fotos, 56 p., with single-record.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Caetano Veloso Vol.1 and 2
The Best of Caetano Veloso. 2 Volumes, 150 p. each, total of 135 songs.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Tom Jobim Vol. 1-3
3 Volumes - Each ca. 150 p., more than 100 of the best songs of late genius Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Escola Moderna De Cavaquinho / Henrique Cazes
Port.-Engl. instruction of cavaquinho for solo and ensemble playing. Tuning d-g-b-d- and d-g-b-e.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Vinicius de Moraes Vol. 1-3
3 Volumes - More than 100 songs with the lyrics of Vinicius.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Gilberto Gil Vol. 1-2
2 Volumes - 180 p. each, total of 130 songs.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback

Edu Lobo
254 p. - 60 songs.

Extras: All songs with - Leadsheets with chords - Original lyrics with chords - Fingering for guitar - Biography - Informations - Interviews - Stories - mostly in English too - Many photos - Size: 27,7 x 21 cm, Paperback


Songbooks / Sheet Music / Argentina / Tango

Astor Piazzolla
This music edition accompanies our recordings „The Piazzolla Collection 1974-79“. Piano edition, transcribed from Piazzolla's original recording, with detailed biographical notes.

'Libertangos' is the first large edition of Astor Piazzolla's compositions, containing 22 titles of the years 1974-79 demonstrating his wide spectre of compositorial art the label 'Tango Nuevo' giving only vague description of it-as there are - classic as well as modern elements woven in together with Jazz, Rock, even Pop.


Songbooks / Sheet Music / Argentina / Peru

Bernd Stahl
Gitarra Latino Americana, Vol. 1

Guitar music from Argentina (Cacho Tirao) and Peru (Raul Garcia Zarate) with Chacarera, Huayno, Marinera, Tango, Villanico, Yaravi, Zamba a.o. - with introduction, instructions and finger manuals, edited by Bernd Stahl.